The restaurant can be found in a 200-year-old building, a so-called "land steward's house", and is also known as "Szenicówka", from the name "Szenic" - one of its last residents before the war. It is located within the grounds of Wilanów Park, in the vicinity of Wilanów Palace - a residence built by Jan Sobieski III in the style of late baroque Italian villas, and converted into a genuinely representative palace from the era of Louis XIV, with an impressive garden. Over the centuries the palace stayed in the hands of great Polish families: the Sobieski, the Czartoryski, and the Lubomirski families, while it has Stanisław Kostka Potocki and the Branicki family to thank for its final form.

Place worth visiting during visits to Warsaw, apart from the Old Town and the Łazienki (Royal Baths) Park
Before World War II "Szenicówka" was a residential building, and after the war an army was stationed there to protect guest dignitaries staying in the palace, for example Charles de Gaulle. Once left by the army, the building fell into disrepair for six years from 1993, until the Wilanów Museum decided to turn it over into private hands. Due to the efforts Kasia Romanowska the owner of "Villa Hestia" from Sopot and 3 years of arduous restaurant renovation the building once again pulses with life and delights visiting guests with its charm, as the present owners have opened a restaurant called "Villa Nuova".

The Interior
A painstakingly finished interior: floors of elegant Lapacho wood, furniture made by Provasi, Colombo Stile and Roberto Ventura, carpenters from Milan, and crystal chandeliers manufactured by Moscatelli.

The heart of the restaurant is a salon with a broad sofa and a unique Bechstein piano from the twenties made from Caucasian walnut inlaid with ash and cherry-tree.

Further on there is a room with a sandstone fireplace which is lit on cold evenings. There is an fully-glazed orangery, as if it were in a garden. In the summer the restaurant is also extended by a terrace, where you can try out the summer menu in wicker chairs.

On the first floor of Szenicówka there are two offices, one with an eclectic carved desk and pictures, and the second is fitted in an eastern style, perfect for holding business meetings and negotiations. In the future a cigar room with the hallmarks of an elite club, with deep leather armchairs and sofas, a wooden fireplace and cognac and cigar cupboards will be created.

A small piano bar in the basement with a cosy wine cellar is also planned.